Founding CTO

We are looking for a founding CTO at Infinite Machine. This person will oversee all software (on-vehicle operating system, backend, apps), computational hardware (dashboard, vehicle control systems, embedded electronics), and new vehicle technologies (drivetrain innovation, batteries, safety tech). Ideal candidate has experience in EVs/hardware, is passionate about our product and mission, and has a hacker’s mindset.

More about us: Our mission at Infinite Machine is to inspire a post-car future by making the most compelling non-cars on earth. P1, our first product, is a radical new 2-wheel electric vehicle for cities, pairing cutting edge industrial design with breakthrough performance and utility. We announced P1 last month and the reception was amazing. We are heads-down on production and will be shipping vehicles in 2025. In the fullness of time, we will make all kinds of non-cars—and the platform we develop for P1, both hardware and software, will scale to our full line.

If you’re interested in the role, please email me at Would be happy to share more about us.


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