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Top speed 55 mph
Estimated range 60 miles
Material Aluminum + Steel

P1 Launch Edition

100 Units

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About P1

Thrilling Performance

55mph top speed & 60 mile range
With 12kW of peak power output, P1 is the fastest vehicle in its class.

6kW Motor

Acceleration is staggeringly quick, near silent, and smooth from a powerful 6kW hub motor, hitting speeds of up to 55 mph.

Removable 72-Volt 50aH Battery

One removable battery in the floor for up to 60 miles of range in cities. An optional two batteries can be added for even more power.

Turbo & Reverse

At peak speed, activate Turbo Boost to accelerate your speed. Reverse enables easy maneuvering in confined spaces.


P1 has a tight 1400 mm turning radius for quick navigation through traffic and small streets. Steering is easy and intuitive for anyone to pick up.

Designed to be used

Robust Materials

A striking design from every angle, featuring a beautiful and durable aluminum and steel monochassis and iconic front fascia.


There is ample storage throughout the vehicle: under the seat, below the steering cluster, and between a rider's legs, with additional cargo modules available.

Park Anywhere

Parking is easy with P1. It can be parked between two cars at 90º to a curb, and it can be left outside without a cover.

No Specific License Required

P1 can be driven without a motorcycle license at speeds up to 35 mph. For speeds up to 55 mph, activate Performance mode with a Class M license.


Technology and software are embedded throughout the vehicle.


Wireless CarPlay for the first time in a vehicle in its class, including a built-in speaker.

Infinite Machine App

Manage, remotely unlock, track, and immobilize P1 anytime with a dedicated app.

Theft Prevention

Unauthorized tampering triggers an alarm and motor lock, immobilizing the vehicle.

Over the Air Updates

Enhance P1s performance over time with our regular over-the-air software updates.

Modular Platform

What is possible with P1's modular system. Concepts shown, further details to come.


Carry groceries, tools, or any cargo with side-mounted protected cases.


Two additional batteries can be connected to extend performance and power.


Throw a party anywhere with an attachable, battery-powered speaker system.


Towing larger loads is easy with a rear trailer system for extra hauling needs.


Owners club

Exclusive Events

Exclusive access to exciting events in and around New York City, including parties, shows, and more.

Priority Access

Priority access to all new Infinite Machine products, such as future vehicles, accessories, and collaborations.


All Owners Club members will receive a welcome kit and exclusive gear.

Curated Experiences

Infinite Machine will host group rides, technical experiences, and workshops for members.


Not in the US and interested? 
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Vehicle shown on this page is an alpha build. Design improvements will be made in final production build.